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        MAOTOOGAS EQUIPMENTS (SHANGHAI) CO.,LTD. was founded in 2008, a wholly-owned subsidiary of sigmo, specializing in the production and sales of mixed gas, high-purity gas, electronic gas, isotope gas and other gas products, as well as gas pipeline supporting engineering services!
        Gas mixture: electronic gas mixture, electric light source gas mixture, laser gas mixture, rofin gas mixture, medical and health gas mixture, petrochemical gas mixture, gas appliance experiment and calorific value analysis gas mixture, gas alarm gas mixture, air separation gas mixture, traffic safety detection gas mixture, motor vehicle exhaust gas detection gas mixture, environmental monitoring gas mixture, chemical fertilizer industrial instrument Gas mixture for instrument calibration, gas mixture for steel industry, gas mixture for power energy, gas mixture for common petrochemical industry, gas mixture for ethylene oxide sterilization / fumigation, gas mixture for vacuum leak detection, etc.
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        Address:Room 902,NO.19Lane 258, Yinlong Road,Jiading Zone,Shanghai,China   Telephone:021-39986090   Email:Sales@maotoogas.com

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        TEL: 021-39986090
        FAX: 021-39980550

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