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        General principles for development and production of standard gas and selection of feed gas

        Release Date:2021-01-27 17:32:16   Browse:264:

        General principles for development and production of standard gas and selection of feed gas

        1、 General

        The development and producer of standard gas shall determine the necessary inspection and verification procedures, and assign appropriate personnel and means for these activities to ensure the quality of each stage of standard gas production. The above activities shall include the recording, inspection, inspection and monitoring of all production auxiliary sections.

        2、 Selection of feed gas

        1. The feed gas required for the production of standard gas should be stable in quality and easy to obtain, so as to ensure the continuity of the production of standard gas.

        2. Proper procedures for purchase, receiving and application of feed gas and basic information of feed gas shall be kept.

        3. The standard gas is prepared by mixing two or more high purity gases. In order to make the prepared standard gas accurate and reliable, in addition to accurate weighing, the selection of appropriate cylinder, the selection and purification of feed gas is very important.

        The common standard gases are classified according to their uses as follows:

        Petrochemical standard gas, environmental monitoring standard gas, locomotive exhaust detection standard gas, VOC determination standard gas, low concentration active component standard gas, electronic standard gas, electric light source mixture gas, combustible gas alarm standard gas, ethylene oxide sterilization gas, gas appliance test standard gas, laser mixture gas Medical and health standard gas, vacuum leak detection mixed gas, small package fixed value standard gas, etc.

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