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        Job Name:Sales Engineer    Location:ShangHai


        To investigate the mechanism of the disease Develop the market, achieve product sales, achieve sales goals, and maintain long-term stable cooperative relationship by providing high-quality service for customers.

        Main responsibilities:

        ·Conduct gas and gas pipeline engineering market research, find and develop potential customers;

        ·Under the guidance of the company's sales plan and supervisor, draw up personal sales and payment collection targets and implement them;

        ·Conduct customer visit, negotiation, draw up sales plan and sales contract;

        ·Understand the customer's needs in time, and spread the product information and future product change direction to customers, stimulate and guide customers to buy products;

        ·According to the company's sales strategy, optimize the customer structure to improve efficiency and reduce sales and distribution costs;

        ·Be responsible for checking accounts with customers, collecting money, checking cylinders and products to ensure that sales receipts and company interests will not be lost;

        ·Feedback the operation of gas supply equipment and customer's maintenance requirements, provide information for production engineering department to arrange equipment maintenance plan;

        ·Finish other work assigned by supervisor.

        Employment conditions:

        ·College degree or above in science and engineering;

        ·At least 2 years related working experience;

        ·Strong interpersonal communication skills;

        ·Familiar with Microsoft office operating system;

        ·Cheerful personality, good interpersonal communication and communication skills;

        ·Have a customer-centered awareness and attitude;

        ·Good professional ethics.

        Please send your resume in Chinese and English to HR department

        Human Resources Department

        Miss Liu

        Or e-mail to HR@maotoogas.com/HR@maotoogroup.com ,

        Post code: 201800

        Fax + 86 21 3998 0550

        Address:Room 902,NO.19Lane 258, Yinlong Road,Jiading Zone,Shanghai,China   Telephone:021-39986090   Email:Sales@maotoogas.com

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